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Gino Del-Ciotto Hi there, I am Gino Del-Ciotto the owner of Nugget Valley Gold Prospecting Adventures. Let me personally take you out into the wilderness to experience the joy of finding your own gold and platinum! Nugget Valley Gold Prospecting Adventures Ltd. is the only Gold prospecting adventure company that offers the chance to also mine for chunky platinum nuggets one of the rarest minerals and most valuable in the world. Did I forget to mention the odd pink or white diamond shows up in the pan as well?


Posted by Gino Del-Ciotto on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Under: Adventures in the Nugget Valley.
Hi there Gold Prospectors! 2014 is upon us and the snow will melt very soon, Are you excited for the upcoming mining season, I know I am. Last year I and our guests found some incredible crevices yielding great nuggets and on an independent trip I located a hard rock platinum vein in the creek bed, we are getting ever closer to locating the source of Nugget valley's gold! This is my first Blog entry and I am going to keep it short feel free to write me or comment on the blog, over the next few weeks I will be writing about the adventures I have experienced over my years of prospecting and telling stories about past guests who have visited us and went home with golden smiles!

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