Nugget Valley Gold Prospecting Adventures Ltd. was established in the summer of 2011. That first season we had 6 guests, but with all good things word travels fast and in 2012 we had 17 and by 2013 we were up to 26 !

We have bookings available from June through September 2015 and look forward to bringing many of you the prospecting trip of a lifetime.

At Nugget valley we strive to cater the trip to your needs. We have several claims available for our use and own many ourselves. We offer three different types of trips catered to your desires. 

1.  Our beginner's trip that includes an 8 hour day with us, we bring you to easy to hike to or drive up locations where we can teach you the basics of panning and gold prospecting.

We guarantee that you will always find some gold on our trips but the difficulty of access determines nugget size and quantities found so the harder the trip the better the reward. Our Beginner trip starts at $99 per day for basic transport to and from the site,  gold diggings. Mining equipment is supplied and fully guided and educational services are provided. Should you wish a catered lunch, breakfast or dinner we can do that or you can pack your own, extra charges apply.

Guests are responsible for personal camping gear (sleeping bag personal affects) if taking a multi-day camp style trip. We also offer motel accommodations at discounts with two partner motels in the area, if this is your preferred choice you may choose to provide your own ride and follow us in and out from the claims or for a small additional charge we can shuttle you daily from your room.

2. Our intermediate trip involves light hiking over semi rough terrain. we provide the same services as our beginner package, if camping is required we will set your camp up for you but as in the beginner's trip you must provide your own sleeping and personal affects. these trips will get you into less worked territory where the possibility of a decent strike is good. Gold and platinum are guaranteed to be found on this trip. Prices start at $199 per day plus any additional accommodations you may require, please call and ask us anything you wish.

3. Our third and by far most popular trip is our pro prospector trip, this involves a hike into the famous Nugget valley where the gold and platinum supply for the Eureka Gold Sands Paydirt Company I have headed for 15 years comes from! This claim has a rustic tent cabin located at the top of a breathtaking view, our logo is actually a picture taken from the front of the cabin. This trip is for those of you in decent shape with no heart conditions or other physical conditions that strenuous activity could aggravate to any dangerous degree. The claim is located 18 kilometers from the tiny hamlet of Coalmont where we park in a logging cut and start our hike, we can provide a packer at $30/hour if you require the help. 

The first stage of our hike is about 1 mile down steep terrain to the bush cabin where we unload and rest, have a coffee etc.  We then take a smaller backpack and load it with what we need for our prospecting day (you must provide secondary pack) At this point we take a 1000 foot decent down into the canyon using ropes to stabilize yourself along the way. the trail is very steep but well developed and the ropes are strong and are there for your use, I personally can scale up and down without the ropes as long as it is a dry day lol! Once at the creek we hike any where from 100-1000 yards to our diggings where we guarantee you will find at least one gram of chunky gold nuggets and platinum nuggets for each day you stay, we have had several clients find 1/4 ounce per day more than paying for their adventure to this one of a kind claim. 

There is a ton of history we can show you .... ancient walls built of stone by the Chinese who first mined the creek. Lower down there are piles of ore cart rails and metal remnants of flumes and other equipment, left behind after an "adit" (entrance to underground mine) collapsed taking some miners with it.

The adits are lost and you are welcome to try your luck with a metal detector but I warn you the terrain is tough.

At this camp we can supply catering or you can pitch in food and we will pool together and cook together. This trip can be done in a day trip but we suggest if you really want a chance at hitting a serious hotspot a 3-4 day trip is recommended or longer if you like.

Prices start at $299 per day per person based on double occupancy, lone guests start at $399 per day.

This trip is highly customizable so please inquire with any questions you may have and check out a few pics we are going to post from guests and friends who have visited the claim.